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Mr. Munn repeated: "—and being willing to abide it no

The voice resumed: "—do swear on this holy book and on
the name of God our Creator . . . that I will steadfastly sup-
port the purpose of the Free Farmers' Brotherhood for Pro-
tection and Control—and whatever measures may be deemed
advisable for the accomplishment of that purpose—and that
I will loyally obey the commands of the truly elected officers
superior to me in this organization—and that never, under
any circumstances, will I speak one word of this organization
or its affairs—to any man or woman not of this organization
—not excepting the wife of my bosom.—This I solemnly

"—This I solemnly swear," Mr, Munn concluded. He re-
moved his hand from the book.

" Come forward," the voice said, and he walked across the
intervening ten feet or so of floor toward the lantern and the
voice. He passed beyond the range of the lantern's rays, was
completely blind for an instant before his eyes could accus-
tom themselves to the dark, and then saw the man standing
behind the table that supported the lantern, and the other
men sitting on benches and boxes beyond. The man behind
the lantern shook Mr. Munn's hand, and said, "Well, sir,
we're happy to welcome you in."

"Thank you," Mr. Munn said. He peered at the man's
face, thinking he had seen it somewhere before, but in that
light he couldn't be sure.

" If you'll just have a seat, we'll be proceeding," the man

One of the men on the bench just behind the table moved
over, and Mr. Munn sat down beside him.

He watched the other men, one after another, come
through the door over there across the wide floor, and stand
motionless just inside it until the voice gave the command,
and then move slowly forward, blinking at the light. Some
of them peered hard at a spot just by the light, straining,
apparently, to penetrate the depth of darkness where people